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Pitt Ohio is a logistics and supply chain management company that offers services to Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern United States, and North America through an extensive network of logistics partners.

They provide less-than-truckload and truckload delivery services for general and temperature-sensitive goods.

They also allow customers to get a rate quote, schedule a pickup, file a freight claim, get transit times, and track a Pitt Ohio shipment online. They have a highly reliable package tracking system that ensures prompt delivery of Pitt Ohio shipments either through the regular or fast-track options.

How does the Pitt Ohio tracking work?

Your Pitt Ohio shipment had a tracking number when you booked it for delivery. It can usually be found in the shipping documents that you will receive.

You will use this number to track your shipment – just enter it in the search box at the top of this page, and we will provide the tracking status of your package.

If you have trouble tracking it, please try doing it on the official website or contact Pitt Ohio customer service for help.

Pitt Ohio tracking numbers

How does a Pitt Ohio tracking number look like?

All Pitt Ohio tracking numbers share the same format – it consists of ten digits.

These are some examples of Pitt Ohio tracking number:

Where do I find the Pitt Ohio tracking number?

The first place to look when looking for your tracking number is the shipping documents that the shipping company or the sender, who in some cases is a merchant, sends to you.

These documents could be the shipping receipt, the bill of lading, or the shipping invoice Pitt Ohio can send through Fax, email, or EDI. They can also generate an electronic invoice for your LTL shipments.

It is also available on the shipping confirmation note sent by email or SMS.

If it is not on any of these documents, please get in touch with the sender, the seller ( if you purchased the items in transit ), or customer support.

What are the Pitt Ohio Transit times?

Their transit times are usually 1 to 2 business days for deliveries within the state, 2-3 business days for deliveries to neighboring states, and 4-5 business days for deliveries to farther states. 

However, you can get your package faster by choosing their fast-track delivery options. These fast track delivery options have a money-back guarantee, and they are:


This delivery option guarantees that you can get your package the same day you booked it.

Time Definite

 If your package is time-critical and you want it at a particular time, this is the best option. It guarantees that your parcel will arrive on the agreed time on the next business day. 

Day Definite

This delivery option guarantees you will get your package before the end of business hours on the agreed delivery day. It is usually scheduled for 5 pm on the agreed day. 

Also, please understand that cross-border deliveries might take longer than usual because of holidays or customs in the destination country.

You can also use their transit times calculator to know when to expect your package. 

These are examples of some average Pitt Ohio transit times for different destinations on business days : 

OriginDestinationTransit time
Houston, TXChicago, IL3 days
New York, NYChicago, IL3 days
Chicago, ILSan Francisco, CA4 days
Washington, DCDallas, TX3 days

When does Pitt Ohio deliver?

They deliver shipments from Mondays to Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm. 

You can fix deliveries on Saturdays on a prearranged notice, but this does not include Sundays and holidays.

Pitt Ohio service areas

Pitt Ohio is a supply chain service provider and a regional delivery service provider for less-than-truckload and Truckload shipments.

Its headquarter is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. They have 21 terminals that serve the mid-Atlantic and Midwest United States.

They also partner with most North American logistics providers to expand their delivery services across North America.

Pitt Ohio customer support

We do not have any information about your package apart from its tracking details on our website.

If you have any questions, complaints, or requests about your package, you should address them to the customer service team.

Phone number+1 800 366-7488
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Point your E-commerce customers to FlashVista for an easy tracking of their orders. We can also track shipments from many B2B logistic companies and freight forwarders worldwide.