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Purolator is a freight and logistics provider that provides delivery services and supply chain solutions to businesses. They have full coverage of Canada and the United States, which helps them offer seamless cross-border logistics services to individuals and companies in both countries.

They operate 176 facilities and 104 shipping centers that help their services reach over 210 countries worldwide. Purolator has customizable delivery solutions that help them deliver a shipment according to your schedule.

They also have a reliable Purolator tracking system that can help you track your shipment or package from anywhere in the world.

How to track a Purolator package?

After receiving your tracking number from the sender or Purolator, just enter it into the search box above. Give us some seconds to verify the tracking number and detect the carrier and you will be able to see the latest updates about your shipment.

Purolator tracking numbers

After booking a package for delivery, Purolator generates a tracking number specifically for your package. This tracking number can help you monitor the location of your package till it gets to you.

What does the Purolator tracking number look like?

The Purolator tracking number is often a numerical sequence of twelve numbers. Sometimes though, it starts with three letters, followed by nine numbers.

These are some examples of a Purolator tracking number:

Where do I find the Purolator tracking number?

If someone is sending a package to you, ask them for the tracking number Purolator gave them after successfully booking the package for delivery.

If you bought the package’s contents, you would most likely find it on the sales receipt. If you cannot find it, please ask the seller.

If you have contracted the delivery yourself, you should check for it in the shipping receipt from Purolator. You can also find it on the confirmation of a shipping message sent to your email or your phone via SMS.

What are the Purolator Transit times?

The Purolator transit time depends mainly on the delivery option that you picked. They have customized delivery solutions for the same day, the next day, two days, or more. 

International shipments from the US to Canada take two to 8 days, depending on the final destination in Canada and other unavoidable reasons like customs, weather, and statutory holidays.

You can also arrange for faster delivery of your Purolator shipment through the Purolator express delivery solution that guarantees same-day and next-day delivery.

If you do not have an urgent need for your shipment, you can use the Purolator Ground delivery option. It guarantees that your shipment will arrive in 2 to 5 business days on an agreed time. 

When does Purolator deliver?

Apart from holidays, they deliver shipments on Mondays to Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm. In some areas, deliveries are contracted on Sundays. Still, you will have to confirm if it is possible in your area from customer support. 

You can also use the time-time-based Purolator delivery options to get your package at a particular time. 

The available delivery times are 9 am, 10:30 am, 12 pm, and between 5:30 pm to 9 pm on the agreed delivery date.

Purolator shipping options

You can ship Purolator shipment in LTL and full truckload with different shipping options. They are suitable for different types of packages, timing, and budget.

Their shipping options are suitable for domestic and international deliveries. It has complete coverage of the United States and Canada. 

Purolator Express Tracking

This shipping option is ideal for high-value and urgent shipments that need to be delivered as soon as possible. It uses the shortest and safest delivery route to get your shipment to you within a short time. 

This shipping option is categorized under the same day, next day, and two-day delivery. It also includes the time-definite delivery option that guarantees that your shipment will arrive at an agreed time.

Purolator Ground Tracking

This shipping option is excellent if you do not have an urgent need for your shipment. It uses different types and sizes of ground vehicles to deliver your shipments.

Puro Post Tracking

This shipping option is for international shipments that need to be shipped from the US to Canada and other 210 countries covered by Purolator. 

This service is available for different sizes of shipments from small parcels, freight, LTL shipments, and heavyweight shipments. They also offer expedited delivery for international shipments. 

Purolator Ground Tracking

Purolator also offers a wide range of freight delivery services to quickly deliver your goods within Canada and to the U.S.

Purolator service areas

Purolator offers its delivery services to Canada, the United States, and over 210 countries worldwide. It has its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, in addition to the 176 facilities and 104 shipping centers that it operates.

You can also use their service area locator to locate any service center. 

Purolator customer support

If you still have questions, complaints, requests, or additional information that you would like to know about your package, please address them to the Purolator customer support. A virtual assistant or customer representative will attend to you. You can reach them on the following numbers.

Phone number+1 (888) 744-7123
Package tracking

Real time Purolator courier tracking

Track packages in real time – get live information about your Purolator parcel and a detailed shipment history.

International package tracking

International Purolator shipments tracking

We will detect when your package is handed over to another courier for the last mile delivery in the destination country, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Detect package couriers

Auto-detect couriers

Our tracking system detects couriers based on the tracking number, so just enter your tracking number anywhere on our website and get the latest shipment information in a flash!

Shipment tracking for business

Purolator parcel tracking for business

Point your E-commerce customers to FlashVista for an easy tracking of their orders. We can also track shipments from many B2B logistic companies and freight forwarders worldwide.