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UPS (United Parcel Service) is one of the world’s leading package delivery and logistics companies and currently operates one of the world’s largest Airlines and fleets of vehicle networks.

With their vast transport system, UPS offers premium and time-definite air, ground, or freight shipments within and outside the US, with international coverage that spans over 200 countries.

One feature that has helped the company’s growth and turned them into a popular choice amongst eCommerce businesses is the UPS tracking ability, enabling you to follow up on your shipments and find out how it’s progressing. This helps to reduce shipping anxiety and keep you informed of any development.

How to track a UPS package?

Tracking a UPS shipment is all about finding out the delivery status at any point within the scheduled time frame. UPS updates the shipping progress for domestic and international shipments by scanning the barcode and updating their system every time they get to a new location. You can access this information using your UPS tracking number.

With Flashvista, you can easily find your delivery status with just one click. Our algorithm syncs with the UPS system and shows the most up-to-date information on the whereabouts of your package. No sign-ups, all you have to do is enter your UPS tracking number in the box above and click “track”. You’ll be taken to a result page that displays the situation report of your package.

How long does the UPS delivery take?

Your shipment could be delivered within 1-3 business days of placing an order with UPS if you live in the same country. International shipments may take 5 to 14 working days but customs clearance will also need some time – that depends on many factors such as where it is being sent and what kind of goods are enclosed inside your package.

UPS Tracking numbers

A UPS tracking number is a unique code the company assigns for every package. You can use to track your packages in real time online.

How does the UPS tracking number look like?

For domestic shipments within the United States, Ups assigns an 18-characters code consisting of a combination of letters and numbers. It starts with “1Z”, followed by 6-characters that indicate the shipping number, 2-digits that indicate the service type, and the last eight numbers are the identity number of a particular package.

Example: 1Z 249 57R 45 9814 2979.

Where do I find the UPS tracking number?

Your unique UPS tracking number is contained in your shipping receipt (if you booked at a UPS retail shop), in the email confirmation from (if you created your shipping label online), or in an email from a seller when you order from eCommerce stores.

What does my UPS Package Tracking Status mean?

When you enter your UPS tracking number to check your shipment’s progress, UPS only takes a few words to explain the situation report of your shipment on the tracking result page. Their response will be either of these: 

• Label created — they’ve received the shipping details from the sender, and the status will be updated when the shipment is on the way.

• On the way — the package is currently in transit, and it’s on course for expected delivery.

• Out for delivery — the package has reached the nearest UPS facility, and they’ve handed it over to a dispatch driver for final delivery

• Delivered — the shipment has been delivered to the billing address, and the time of delivery has been recorded.

• Delivered to a UPS access point — your package has been delivered to a UPS pickup point in your neighborhood, and you can go pick it up at your convenience.

• Transferred to a post office for delivery — the package is transferred to a post office that’d make the final delivery. It’s best to wait an extra two or three days if it doesn’t arrive at the scheduled time.

• Exception — the package is already moving, but due to unexpected circumstances, the package may not meet the scheduled time, and the delivery date has been extended.

Where are UPS hubs located?

While UPS delivers to nearly anywhere in the world, the business manages and oversees delivery from 12 facilities — six of which are located in the United States.

• Headquarter hub — UPS Worldport Louisville, Kentucky, US

• Other US hubs — Rockford, Illinois; Ontario, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Dallas, Texas; and Miami, Florida.

• Canada — Hamilton, Ontario.

• Europe — Cologne, Germany; Bonn, Germany

• Asia Pacific — Shanghai, China; Shenzhen, China; Hong Kong, China.

UPS tracking FAQ

Does UPS deliver on weekends and Holidays?

UPS Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3-days Select, and ground options offer Saturday deliveries to major metropolitan cities in the United States for residential and commercial packages.

However, this value-added service comes with an extra charge, and you’d have to request it when booking your shipment.

Under normal circumstances, the company does not carry out delivery on Sundays. But for urgent shipments, you can get them to run on Sundays through UPS Express Critical®.

The company is closed on New year (Jan 1), thanksgiving (Nov 25), independence day (July 4), and Christmas day (Dec 25). However, Express critical service is still available for extremely urgent shipments.

Are UPS packages insured?

UPS provides insurance coverage up to $100 for domestic and international shipments at no extra cost. However, if the item is worth more than $100, you’ll need to declare the value when filling out the shipment form to ensure the company is liable when handling your shipment, but you’d have to pay an additional charge, depending on how much the item is worth.

For packages worth $100.01 – $300, UPS charges $3.45 for insurance. If the declared value is above $300, the company charges an additional $1.15 per $100 top-up in value.

Will UPS pick up at my house?

UPS offers pickup from your home or office address. All you have to do is schedule your pickup for today, tomorrow, or a future day (up to five days ahead) on or call 1-800-PICK-UPS® (1-800-742-5877), and UPS will come to you.

Is UPS pick up free?

UPS charges $12 for same-day pickup requests and $7 for pickups scheduled for a future day. UPS will pick up every package you want to be delivered in one request and doesn’t charge per package.

Where do I drop off UPS packages?

UPS has everything sorted out for your convenience. You can drop off your package at a UPS access point (local shops in your area), UPS drop box, UPS customer centers, or any UPS store nearby.

Can UPS be dropped off at USPS?

No, you should drop off your package at one of the UPS drop-off locations. UPS and USPS are entirely different businesses, and while USPS sometimes do the last mile delivery for UPS, they won’t accept their packages for shipment.

Can UPS go in a dropbox?

Yes. UPS provides a convenient way to drop off your shipments 24 hours a day, seven days a week through drop boxes. They are allowing you to send packages beyond regular working hours. All UPS service types (including international shipments) are accepted at any UPS drop box location.

Can UPS go in the mailbox?

By law, you and the United States Postal Service (USPS) are the only ones allowed to touch your mailbox. This means that UPS cannot go into your mailbox. However, UPS and USPS have a working relationship where the USPS makes the final delivery to your mailbox since they are the only courier the law permits to do that.

Can UPS deliver to a PO box?

UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes. They’ve made it clear on their website that they only accept shipments with valid and verifiable street addresses. They also stated that if a customer wants to receive deliveries through a PO Box, they’d have to attach a valid phone on the shipping label, which will be used to make arrangements for an alternative delivery address, as the company maintains that PO Boxes won’t be used for delivery.

Will UPS leave a package?

If your shipment does not require a signature and you’re not home, the delivery man can leave it in a safe place out of sight — your garage, back door, etc., or left with a neighbor. If there are instructions for the package to be left with the receiver, you can have them leave it at a local UPS store or access point, and you can get it later at your convenience. Or, if a signature is required on delivery, you can redirect the driver to another address where someone else can receive the delivery and sign on your behalf.

Does UPS require a signature on delivery?

UPS does not require a signature for every package. Most times, shipments that require a signature on delivery are usually packages that contain expensive items, sensitive documents, alcohols, or pharmaceuticals. 

You can tell whether your package requires a signature or not by checking your tracking info; if it does, you’d have to be present to sign, or else they won’t deliver it.

How to return a UPS package?

The process of returning a UPS package is simple. Most times, the first step would be to initiate the return on the seller’s website, then print out a return form and a return label. In most cases, the seller may send you a link with which you can generate and print out a return label. Attach the return label to the package, and drop it off at any UPS store or access point near you. Or, you can arrange for them to pick it up at your place.

UPS customer support

If you have any questions, requests or concerns about your UPS tracking, package or shipment, please contact their customer support. We do not have ANY information about your package except of the tracking information that we display on our website.

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