Dayton Freight tracking

Dayton Freight tracking

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Dayton Freight is a provider of regional transportation services for shipments all across North America. Having partnered with reputable carriers, they offer different shipment solutions such as less-than-truckload, truckload, and DFXpedited services for shipping Dayton freight parcels.

They have sixty-seven service centers in different states across North America and a highly efficient shipping plan that suits different shipment needs, schedules, and budgets.

They also provide solutions for Dayton Freight tracking from anywhere you are.

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How to track an Dayton Freight shipment?

Tracking your shipment is very easy – you enter the tracking number in the form at the top of this page. We will list the up-to-date information about your package, including its current location and expected delivery date.

If you have problems tracking your shipment or any further questions, please direct them to the Dayton Freight customer support or check the Dayton freight official website.

Dayton Freight tracking numbers

The Dayton Freight tracking number is essential for identifying and tracking the packages.

When you book a shipment, a unique tracking number is assigned to it. You can find it on your invoice or in the mail sent to you as a shipping confirmation note by the seller or Dayton Freight.

How does the Dayton Freight tracking number look like?

Dayton Freight tracking numbers are pretty easy to identify – they are also sometimes called the Dayton Freight PRO# – it is a combination of eight to nine digits, for example, 552159933,

In some cases, your tracking number might also look like 00022715807 (with leading zeros). Then, you should use everything after the zeros as your tracking number.

Where do I find the Dayton Freight tracking number?

Usually, you find the Dayton Freight tracking number on the receipt issued by Dayton Freight which can also be an email shipping confirmation. If you can’t find it through any means, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dayton Freight customer support.

You might also find the Dayton Freight tracking number on the seller’s website by examining your order.

Dayton Freight shipping options

Dayton Freight offers three shipping solutions that cater to different shipment types, with a view of your budget and your schedule.

Pre-certified professionals and standardized equipment regulate all the options to deliver your goods within a reasonable time frame.

Dayton Freight LTL tracking

Dayton Freight Transportation less–than–truckload (LTL) shipping option offers an excellent solution that helps small businesses transport lightweight shipments that don’t fill a whole truck across North America.

Dayton Freight truckload tracking

If you need to transport a large shipment, truckload shipping may be the best option. Dayton Freight Transportation offers

This service is more suitable for large or heavy deliveries across North America within a feasible time frame. The Dayton freight truckload service is highly reliable. It offers sustainable truckload services across North America to businesses in different options – including cargo, vans, straight trucks, sprinter vans, and tractor-trailers.

Dayton Freight DFXpedited Service tracking

Dayton freight offers an expedited shipping option called DFXpedited to businesses and individuals that want to ship time-sensitive packages and want them delivered within the shortest time possible. You can easily track these shipments with a tracking number in real-time.

What are the Dayton Freight Transit times?

Between pickup and delivery, the Dayton Freight transit time typically takes one to two days for shipments within the same state.

If you need to ship the package to a different state, it takes about three to four days, depending on the distance.

DF can also deliver shipments (including HazMat shipments) with the DFXpedite shipping option on the same day or the next day.

You can also book on-demand and on-the-hour deliveries that will suit your schedule for an additional charge.

When does Dayton Freight deliver?

Dayton Freight delivers shipments only on business days and within working hours. However, they can also deliver shipments on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on a pre-arranged notice for an additional fee.

Dayton Freight service areas

Dayton Freight functions through sixty-seven strategically located service centers in fifteen states that offer smooth and fast deliveries of Dayton Freight shipments across North America.

Image by Dayton Freight

Dayton Freight customer support

For more information or questions concerning your shipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dayton Freight Customer Support, which is dedicated to providing further details about your shipment.

Support page
Support phone number+1 (800) 860-5102


Why is the Dayton Freight tracking not updating for a long time?

Several reasons could cause this. For example, your shipment might be stuck in customs, natural or environmental hazards, or your package is handed over to another package carrier for the last mile delivery.

Please get in touch with the DF customer support for assistance. They should have more info about your package or further investigate this matter.

Why can’t I find my package after entering my Dayton Freight tracking number?

Please allow up to 24 hours for the shipment to show up in the tracking systems. Also, please make sure you have entered the tracking number correctly. There might be a problem with the connection to the tracking system in rare cases – then please try it again later.

If you still have difficulties with the tracking, please contact Dayton Freight support directly.

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Fast and easy Dayton Freight tracking

Track packages in real time – get detailed information about your Dayton Freight parcel and a detailed shipment history.

Auto-detect couriers

Our tracking system detects couriers based on the tracking number, so just enter your tracking number anywhere on our website and get the latest shipment ingformations in a flash!

International Dayton Freight shipments tracking

We will detect when your package is handed over to another courier for the last mile delivery in the destination country, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Dayton Freight parcel tracking for business

Point your E-commerce customers to FlashVista for an easy tracking of their orders. We can also track shipments from many B2B logistic companies and freight forwarders worldwide.