Mainfreight tracking

Mainfreight tracking

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Mainfreight is a regional and intercontinental freight, logistics, and supply chain service provider that offers global logistics solutions, warehousing, and intermodal transport solutions to individuals and businesses.

It has 297 facilities in over 26 countries in regions across America, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

They have well-sophisticated shipping solutions for parcels/shipments on air, ocean, and road. They also have options that allow you to track packages worldwide.

Mainfreight also provides customized delivery services, warehousing, and trans-border logistics solutions to individuals and businesses according to their needs, budget, and schedule.

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How to track an Mainfreight shipment?

Tracking your shipment online can be done in very easy steps with just the tracking number assigned to your shipment.

You need to enter your tracking number – sometimes also called the Mainfreight registration number – into the box at the top of this page. We will display up-to-date details about your shipment, such as the current location and expected arrival date.

Mainfreight tracking numbers

The Mainfreight tracking number is an exclusive identification number given to your package. Apart from identifying your shipment quickly, you can use it to track your shipment. It can also be called the Mainfreight reference number.

You can get the Mainfreight tracking number on the merchant’s website, the shipping confirmation note sent to your mail, or any relevant shipping documents such as the bill of lading or the shipping invoice.

How does the Mainfreight tracking number look like?

The Mainfreight tracking number is a combination of three letters and about five to nine digits. The format of the Mainfreight tracking number depends on the type of shipping service used, and it usually looks like this:


Where do I find the Mainfreight tracking number?

You can find the Mainfreight tracking number on the freight’s shipping documents, the shipping receipt, the shipping confirmation note sent to your email, or the shipping invoice.

You can also find the Mainfreight tracking number on the merchant or seller’s website when you inspect your order’s details. If you can’t find it on through any means, don’t hesitate to contact the Mainfreight customer support.

Mainfreight shipping options

Mainfreight has a sophisticated network of well-trained and certified transporters that provide different shipping options and specialized customized solutions to suit your need, budget, and schedule.

Mainfreight Air Tracking

The Air Freight is the fastest Mainfreight shipping option suitable for time-sensitive shipments, perishables, and HazMat shipments as small shipment samples and oversized pallet loads.

Mainfreight Ocean Tracking

This shipping option is a cost-effective solution suitable for highly durable shipments and does not require speedy delivery processes.

Mainfreight has a good relationship with almost all global strategic ocean freight carriers and offers this option for smaller consolidated less than container load ( LCL) and full container load.

Mainfreight also provides a complete documentation service through their customs officers for custom clearance and MPI security.

Mainfreight Truckload Tracking

The Mainfreight transport shipping service offers a safe and sustainable transport solution on rail and road with an efficient linehaul network across major regions.

Mainfreight has a comprehensive and efficient road and rail transport solutions system and uses suitable equipment in different sizes and designs to help you pick the best option for shipping both less-than-truckload shipments and full truckload shipments within a reasonable time.

What are the Mainfreight Transit times?

The Mainfreight transit times, which is the time between pickup and delivery, take about 1-2 business days for deliveries that are within the same state, 2-4 business days for deliveries to a neighboring state, and 7 to 15 days for deliveries that are outside a region/continent.

The estimated transit time also depends on the shipping option used as shipments on ocean freight take longer, and shipments on air freight are faster and much more suitable for time-sensitive and perishable cargoes.

Apart from the delivery of international shipments, which takes time because of customs duties in the destination state, delivery of ADR shipments also takes longer and mainly attracts one extra working day apart from the estimated delivery time given by the customer support team.

For example, an international shipment from China to Europe by rail takes about 15-17 days, depending on the pickup address and location in Europe.

Mainfreight also has a transit time tool for domestic shipments within Australia that you can use to estimate the expected delivery date for shipments within Australia.

When does Mainfreight deliver?

Typically, Mainfreight delivers the shipments between 8 am and 5 pm on business days. Mainfreight does not do pickups or deliveries on weekends and holidays.

Mainfreight service areas

Mainfreight offers a variety of shipping options and logistics solutions to businesses and individuals across countries and continents.

Mainfreight has 297 service centers are strategically located in 26 countries within Asia, America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

Mainfreight Australia Tracking

Mainfreight has a domestic freight and logistics division in Sydney, Australia, a transport division in Brisbane – Larapinta, and an Air and Ocean division in Adelaide, Regency Park SA, Australia.

Mainfreight Australia has 22 company depots in strategic locations around Australia that provide freight and logistic solutions. They also offer a transit times calculator that gives an estimated delivery date for Mainfreight shipments and a freight calculator to get a freight rate and book online. 

Mainfreight operations in Australia use professional agents and highly efficient third parties to execute its transport, warehousing, and supply chain services. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your Mainfreight shipment, please direct them to Australia’s Mainfreight website.

Mainfreight New Zealand Tracking

Mainfreight headquarters is located at 23 Quay Street, Auckland – where Mainfreight operations started. This is also the longest-standing Mainfreight branch. 

Mainfreight New Zealand has an extensive branch network that helps it deliver Mainfreight shipments across different destinations in New Zealand.

Mainfreight New Zealand offers a platinum – inter-island express service that ensures deliveries between the North Island and the South Island from Auckland are made daily. 

This service also allows them to deliver freight between Auckland and Christchurch overnight upon request and to all other major inter-island destinations within 48 hours. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your Mainfreight shipment, please direct them to the Mainfreight website, New Zealand, the customer service number at +64 9-302 1877.

Mainfreight customer support

Apart from the tracking information about your Mainfreight shipment / package, we do not have any other information about it. If you have any questions, requests, or concerns about your Mainfreight shipment, please get in touch with the Mainfreight customer care via email or their website.

Email[email protected]


Why is the Mainfreight tracking not updating for a long time?

If you’re waiting for a package and it’s been a while since the last update, don’t worry! There are many reasons why parcels can experience delays in their tracking information. The most common is just some slight delay with delivery or registering your package at the next step of the process. Still, if it takes a week or longer, you should contact Mainfreight directly.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ACT’s customer support for assistance. They should have more info about your package or investigate this matter further.

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Fast and easy Mainfreight tracking

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