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Tracking your packages from Brunei Darussalam has never been easier! Just enter your tracking number above and you are all set. We will automatically detect your package carrier and provide you detailed information about where your parcel is, who is processing it and whether there are any delays or problems along the way!

Couriers and logistic companies in Brunei Darussalam

Our tracking system supports 3 couriers and logistic companies in Brunei Darussalam and can handle most cross-border shipments, so you don’t have to worry about finding the correct tracking website and translating it.

You don’t have to select a specific company to track your package – we will figure it out by the tracking number anyway.

How long does it take for a package from Brunei Darussalam to arrive?

Typically it takes 1-3 days for a package to arrive at it’s destination within Brunei Darussalam, 3-5 days to other countries in Asia and 5-10 days to arrive anywhere else in the world. Please keep in mind that if the package have to go trough the customs in the destination country it may add up to a week (sometimes even longer).

However, the delivery time might vary based on the chosen shipping method (express couriers or regular mail), the courier company and the destination country.

Brunei Darussalam shipments FAQ

How to track a package from Brunei Darussalam?

The easiest way to track your package from Brunei Darussalam is to enter your tracking number in the form above – we will determine the package carrier and provide you with the latest data about your shipment.

If you know who is carrying your package you could also visit their website and look for the tracking form there.

The tracking says my package was delivered, but I didn’t receive anything.

If you were not at home during the delivery {carrier} might leave your packages at your neighbor, locker boxes nearby or the local post office and leave you a notice at the door or in your postbox.

The status of my package from Brunei Darussalam is not updating

If the last status of your shipment was something similar to “Arrived at customs” then you need to be patient – it might take from a few days to a week to get through the customs, depending on the current amount of packages.

If it takes longer, it might be that there is some problem with the paperwork or that you have to pay some custom duties in advance. Customs usually don’t reply to any requests about packages, so you might want to ask your package carrier if they have more infomation about it.

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