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How to track a package from South America?

Just enter your tracking number in the box above and we will locate your shipment in a flash – provided it was sent with one of the carriers we support. To track your package, you will need the tracking number for the shipment. This number can be found on the receipt for the package or in the shipping confirmation email.

Of course, the tracking also works for parcels that are were sent to South America as well.

Popular couriers and logistic companies in South America

You don’t have to select a specific company to track your package – we will figure it out by the tracking number anyway. But in case you have questions about one of them – here is the list of package carriers that we support:

Track packages from South America by country:

We can track shipments from 21 logistics companies, express couriers and national post services in 14 South American countries. Pick a country below to see the supported carriers from that country.

South America shipments FAQ

How long does it take for a package from South America to arrive?

The delivery time for a shipment from South America will vary depending on the shipment method and destination country. However, most shipments will take between 10 and 14 days to arrive.

If the package was sent to another country (and need to cross borders) there might be some delays at the customs in both countries. This varies greatly and can be anywhere from one or two days up to a week.

I can not locate my package from South America

When a shipment is sent, it might take – depending on the logistics company – a few hours or even a day before the shipment appears in the tracking systems. Please try again a few hours later.

If you still don’t see the package it might happen that we don’t support this courier company yet – in this case you might want to try the tracking and tracing on the official site or give them a call.

What if my package from South America is lost?

If your package is lost or has not arrived after the estimated delivery time, you will need to contact the carrier that was used to send the package. The carrier will then open an investigation into the package’s whereabouts. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, you may be eligible for a refund or replacement item.

What should I do if I receive a damaged package?

If you receive a damaged package, you will need to contact the carrier that was used to send the package. The carrier will then create a damage report and may provide a refund or replacement item.

Package tracking

All South America courier tracking

Track packages from any courier in South America in real time – including DHL, EMS, Mainfreight, Argentina Post and Fasttrack Logistica Express. Get detailed information about your parcel and a detailed shipment history.

International package tracking

Track international packages from South America

We will detect when your package is handed over to another courier for the last mile delivery in the destination country, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Detect package couriers

Auto-detect couriers in South America

No need to search for tracking websites of different logistic companies in South America – conveniently track all your packages in one place!

Shipment tracking for business

Parcel tracking in South America for business

Point your E-commerce customers to FlashVista for an easy tracking of their orders. We can also track shipments from many B2B logistic companies and freight forwarders worldwide.